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Travelling As A Part Of Education By the word travelling, we understand a journey, especially a long one with the object of seeing and knowing. Man has a natural instinct to go from one place to another and to acquire knowledge about the unknown. It is a part of education. It broadens our outlook and […]

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Multipurpose Shopify theme

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Hi, WOKIEE Shopify Theme is more than a usual theme. It is a powerful design tool. WOOKIEE is an outstanding Premium Shopify theme. It will be the perfect solution for your current or future webshop. It has all the required tools and modules to create a super-fast responsive website with amazing UX. A great variety […]


Write a Dialogue brilliant success in the examination

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Suppose your younger brother, Asim has obtained a scholarship Examination. Now, write dialogue in 100 words between you and your younger brother on his brilliant success in the examination.A dialogue between myself and my younger brother Asim about his brilliant success in the examination:Myself : Hello, Asim. How are you?Asim : Fine, thanks. And you?Myself […]

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How to create a business link

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Hello everyone, Welcome to my website. I have some issues with you. How you can create a business link for yourself. If I say a little clearer, First you need a business link. But if you want to make an income from YouTube, it will be too late. If you work with a website instead […]