Paragraph, early rising

Paragraph/A Rainy day

Arainy day is day when rains drops frequently. In this day people can’t do their work properly. They have to wait stopping for rain. Their work is hampered due to rain. Specially those who are poor or a day labourer suffer a lot. Earning of the day is not possible for them. As a result, sometimes they have to starving. On the other hand rich people enjoy this day .

They prepare many delicious food. Besides many program is arranged on this day in their home. They pass their day by playing indoor games like hide and seek, ludo, chess, carom etc. School going children get a off day school. Sometimes they play football with their friends.

The sky looks gloomy. Suddenly lighting is seen above our head. In that time people become frighten. We have to become very cautious on this day. Every road becomes very wet and any accident can occur. It has both advantage and disadvantage but we have to enjoy it.

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