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A Book Fair

PRA (A Book Fair)

A fair which is organized to display and sell books is called a book fair. I visited a book fair organized on the 21st of February last year. It was held on the occasion of observing the 21st of February. The book fair was held on the premises of the English Academy.

I went to visit the fair with some of my teachers and close friends. The fair looked very grand, large, and nice. I went around the fair. I saw different bookstalls, a huge crowd of people. The books such as novels, rhymes, adventure series, etc. Were available there.

I sow the children and the students buying books according to their respective choices and tastes. I learned many things and purchased a few books by a lot of fans. They seemed to feel tired of giving autographs. I also could not miss to take autographs from them. I felt very happy after visiting the fair.

A Bus Stand

A bus stand is a place where a bus stops for the passengers to get down and to get into the bus. Inside a city area, bus stands are seen at different busy stopes. School or college gates, market places, medical centers, and the crossing points of two or more roads are the main stope for bus stands. Local buses generally do not maintain fixed bus stands.

However, for intercity buses, there are fixed bus stands on highways. A bus stand plays an important role in the field of communication. Though it creates problems More…

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