Composition: My First Day at School


The first day at school is a day of great importance to everybody. Though, I am a student of class 8 the memories of my first day at school are quite fresh in my mind. One day my father gave me the good news that he would take me to school the next day for admission. My joy knew no bounds. When I saw my elder brother going to school with books in a bag I felt like going with him. But he didn’t take me. At last, the day of my dream came to reality. My mother got me dressed up. I had a new school bag. I walked to the school with my father.

The moment I stepped into the school campus, I became a bit nervous. My father took me to the Headmaster. The Headmaster asked me to go near him. But I felt afraid. Then he asked me my name and talked to me affectionately. My fear was gone. He asked me some questions and I answered them correctly. He patted my shoulder. Finally, I was admitted to class 3.

Mrs. Rabeya was my class teacher. She introduced me to the class. My classmates welcomed me with a smiling face. One of them invited me to sit beside him. At first, I was a bit shy. But the cordial behavior of my classmates made me feel free. I began to talk to them. My class teacher asked me to write my address on the blackboard and I did it. The different teachers came in different periods and talked to me in the course of giving lessons. All of them were very good and kind. In the tiffin period, I ate the tiffin given by my mother. Then I played with my classmates. After five periods the school broke up. My father was waiting for me. I came back home with him. My first day at school is a sweet memory for me. I still feel pleasure to recall it.


I am a student. Many teachers taught me and many are still teaching me. I respect all of them. I am grateful to them for their kind contribution to the field of my education. But my Favorite teacher is M. M. Rahman who teaches us English. M. M. Rahman is an MA, B.Ed as well Heta in possession of all good qualities of a good theater He has a sweet and clear voice. All the students of the class can hear him clearly. He has a good command of the subject he teaches.

His English pronunciation is correct and distinct. He makes the different grammatical problems easy and clear to us with the help of examples and explanations. In his class, he speaks English. We have to talk to him in English too. He helps us prepare the lesson in the class. We need not spend much time on his subject at home. He loves each and every student. He talks to us affectionately. If any student fails to answer a question correctly, he does not punish or rebuke him. Rather, he helps him understand.

His method of teaching is very effective. He knows every student personally. He inspires us to read English newspapers and journals. He is a good singer and reciter. In any function, he is a friend of ours. Whenever we are in any problem, we seek his valuable advice. M. M. Rahman is the pride of our school. An ideal teacher of his standard is rare at present. I wish him a long and healthy life.

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