Paragraph/A day laborer

A person who works daily for earning is called a day labourer. A day labourer can become man or woman. He generally has no has no fixed job. He has to work daily for maintaining his family . In our country, a day labourer is not well paid.

He works from sunrise to sunset and even late night. He does varieties types of works such as stone breaker, soil cutter, carrying heavy load etc. Without working daily, it is not possible to provide food for their family. Not only he has to hard work but also can’t get enough money. Usually children of a day labourer remains illiterate A day labourer has not enough knowledge about education.

As a result any work is done by them. Sometimes people cheat with a day labourer very easily. So, he can’t take proper steps against them. We shouldn’t neglect a day labourer. We should behave well with them. Government should open free trying project for day labourers. As they can impact for developing our country.

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