Dialogue A dialogue on interview

Candidate    : Good morning, sir! May I come in?

Interviewer  : Good morning. Do come. Be seated, please. What’s your name?

Candidate : I’m Kawser

Interviewer  : You’re an M. Com. Only! But do you have any experience? Candidate : No, sir, I’ve just passed the M. Com. Exam.

Interviewer : Well, but our job demands very hard work. Are you sure that you’ll be able to discharge your duties efficiently?

Candidate   : I have full confidence in my ability. I may look lean and thin but I’m very energetic. I hope I could satisfy you with my performance.

Interviewer : We’ll give you very poor salary.

Candidate    : Salary dose not matter, but I need a job.

Interviewer : Surely you have potentiality. We need such a young man,as you are. Well, Come

tomorrow and have your appointment letter from the office assistant.

Candidate  : Thank you, sir.

Interviewer : Welcome.

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