A dialogue between two friends regarding their aims in life.

Kamal    : Jamal, what will you do after passing the S.S.C Examination?

Jamal     : Thank you, Kamal. I’ll get myself admitted to Victoria College in Science Group. Then I’ll get M. B. B. S. Degree and will become a doctor. And You?

Kamal    : Thank you. Your idea is good. But I am not hopeful of my success. Hope for the best, my friend.

Jamal     : Hope for the best, my friend.

Kamal    : By the grace of Almighty if I come out successful in the examination I shall join the Commercial Academy at Chittagong.

Jamal     : Then?

Kamal    : After this I shall start a business at Chittagong. What do you think about this?

Jamal     : It’s a very nice idea, Kamal. Try your best; surely you will prosper in life. Good-bye.

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