A dialogue between you and your friend about your Examination

A dialogue between myself (Karim) and my friend Nyeem on our aim in life:

Nayeen : Good morning, Karim! How are you?
Myself : good morning. Thanks. I’m nice and you?
Nayeem : I’m also fine. I’m very glad at your brilliant result in the JSC/SSC Examination. Would you tell me about your aim in life?
Myself : I’ve already made up my mind to study law. Ill join politics after completing my studies. I wish to serve my countrymen by driving away restless politics.
Nayeem : All these are true. But it’s really a difficult task.
Myself : You’re right. But don’t forget that nothing is impossible for me. A patriotic leader can stamp out all kinds of corruption and injustice from the society. Please, bless for me.
Nayeem : I’m very glad at this. I’m sure that we’ll be able to eradicate evil politics from the country.
Myself : Thanks a lot. See you again. No more today. Good-bye!
Nayeem : you’re most welcome. Goodbye!

Dialogue between two friends reading their aim in life.

Kamal : Hallo, Jamal. How are you?
Jamal : I am fine. And you?
Kamal : I am also fine. Jamal, what will you do after passing the JSC/SSC Examination.
Jamal : Thank you, kamal. I’ll get myself admitted to Victoria College in Science Group. Then I’ll get MBBS Degree and will become a doctor. And you?
Kamal : Thank you.your idea is good. But I am not hopeful of my success.
Jamal : Hope for the best, my friend.
Kamal : By the grace of Almighty if I come out successful in the examination I shall join the Commercial Academy at Chittagong.
Jamal : Then?
Kamal : After this, I shall start a business at Chittagong. What do you think about this?
Jamal : It’s a very nice idea, Jamal. Try your best; surely you will prosper in life. Good-bye.

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