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Journey by Bus

A Journey by Bus

What was the occasion?
What was your destination?
When did you start your journey?
What scenery did you enjoy?
What was your feeling?
When did your bus reach the destination?

My maternal uncle serves in Sylhet. He invited me to pay a visit to Sylhet. I accepted the invitation gladly. On the 7th of September, I go into Dhaka Sylhet coach at Gabtali bus Stand. I procured a ticket the day before. The bus stand at 08:30 AM. The bus started moving at a pretty good speed and soon we were away from the city dormitory.

Our bus was passing the road of Savar. We enjoyed beautiful green fields, orchards, and trees on the both sides of the highway. I also enjoyed the beautiful campus of Jahangir Nagar University, the Savar Dairy farm, and Savar cantonment. The bus was moving, leaving trees, houses and small shops on both sides of the road. It was really very delightful to see the green beauties of nature. Our bus reached Daulatdia Ghat. Again, I to my seat.

The bus began to run at a high speed. We crossed rajbari and Faridpur. On the way. We also crossed Mahura and Jhenidas on the way and reached jess ore town at about 02:30 PM. Then our bus stopped at Jessore, some passengers got down. Our bus reached Kholna at 04:00 PM. My uncle received me at the bus stand. The journey gave me much pleasure. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I bore the journey in my heard.

A Bus Stand

A bus stand is a place where a bus stops for the passengers to get down and to get into the bus. Inside a city area, bus stands are seen at different busy stopes. School or college gates, market places, medical centres and the crossing points of two or more roads are the main stope for bus stands. Local buses generally do not maintain fixed bus stands.

However, for intercity buses, there are fixed bus stands on highways. A bus stand plays an important role in the field of communication. Though it creates problems, like a traffic jam, our communication system would break down without it. A bus stand become busy mainly at peak hour when people come out for work and also when they are ready to go back home.

When an overcrowded bus reaches the station, there rises a hue and cry. Pushing and shoving occur among the passengers. It looks like a mini battle field. However, nowadays there are some bus stands where some rules and regulations are maintained. However, for a safe and comfortable journey, the service facilities of each bus stand should be improved.

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