Paragraph, early rising

Paragraph/ Load Shedding

          Load shedding means discontinuation of the supply of electricity.It is disgusting to our everyday life. We can’t do our everyday work for it. It occurs when the generation of power is less than the demand. Due to rapid growth of population, the demand of electricity is increcasing day by day. On the other hand the generation of power has not risen expectedly. Besides, the unplanned distribution and illegal connection are also responsible for it.

The big cities and industrial areas are seriously affected by it. When load shedding occurs, the normal life of the peoplebecomes to standstill.It hinders all development of the country.Mills, factoris, shop and hopital can’trun properly.Housewives, students, patients and workers also fall a victim to it.

All the electric devices can’t possible run in that time. Everyone feels very uneasy at the time of load-shedding.The government should set up more power stations in the country. Besides Corruptions must be curbed in this sector with an iron hand.

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