Now write a letter to your father asking his permission to spend a week with him.

By | November 27, 2019

Write a letter to your father

61 Shahidbagh,


7 May 2018

Dear Father

        Our school is going to be closed on Monday next for 18 days on the occasion of mine, it is my most intimate friend. He hails from Rajshahi. Jamal has invited me to spend a week at his village home. He is insisting me on me going with him. He tells me that I must go with him because in the summer season abundance of delicious mangoes of various kind and also very tasteful big litchis are available in Rajshahi during this season.

Moreover, I have never been to Rajshahi before. This is a good opportunity for me to visit Rajshahi, which will be very enjoyable for me. What is your opinion, father? Would you please permit me to spend just a few days with my friend in Rajshahi? I know well that you. But I can not resist my friend’s earnest desire.

However, I assure you that I will never go against your wishes. Please let me know about the mother’s opinion. I’ll be waiting for your reply. Please convey my best wishes to all.

Yours loving



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