Write a letter of completing about insanitary.

By | November 28, 2019

Write a letter about completing the insanitary condition in your locality.

50 Shahjahanpur


17 July 2014

The Mayor

Dhaka City Corporation

Dhaka- 1000

Subject: Insanitary condition at Saharanpur.


I, on behalf of the people of Shahajahanpur, have the honor to inform you that we have many problems of insanitation in our locality. People do not have any definite site for throwing wastes. So the wastes stink is causing serious health hazards. The slum-dwellers do not care for sanitation. They defecate and urinate here and there. Recently the condition of this area has become worse.

In these circumstances, we hope that you would take all the necessary steps to improve the sanitary condition of this area and alleviate our daily sufferings.

Yours faithfully


Qamrul Hasan

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