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Our School Library

A school library is a storehouse of knowledge. All kinds of books are stored here. It contributes a lot to our education. Nowadays most of the students are not willing to read. But if they go to the library, their mind will turn to read. Our library is located on the first floor in a very big room in the school building. It is a very well furnished Library. For arranging books, it has 15 bookshelves.

They are organized according to classes and alphabetical order. there is enough arrangement for us to sit and read books. This place is very quite calm. So, the students must remain silent when they have to return the books on time. To look after and manage the whole thing, a librarian is appointed.

However, there is a rich collection of books in our library. Books of all branches like history, philosophy, religion, language, literature, biography, autobiography, mathematics, politics, economics, science, etc . are available in this library.  By going to the library, we can enrich our knowledge.

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