Paragraph/The Life of a Farmer

A man who works in a field for farming is called a farmer. The life of the man is not easy. He has to work hard from morning to dusk. Getting up early in the morning, he has to go field with his cattle. Most of the time he can’t take sufficient food with him. Most of the farmers in our country are illiterate. They live under the poverty line.

They live hand to mouth. Even they often face premature death having no treatment and medicine. Truly speaking thir living condition is very deplorable. As a result, they can’t make proper planning for growing crops. They only depend on their practical knowledge. Some times they depend on nature. Nowadays science has contributed to farming. By the help scientific instrument, they can cultivate their land very easily.

So, a farmer should be educated for understanding a modern instrument and knowing the new method of cultivation. If they plow their Land without panning, they will not get sufficient crops. Bangladesh is an agricultural country so the prosperity of this country depends on farmers. so, the Government should give free training to produce more crops. Besides, can give free seeds and insecticides for better cultivation.

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