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Paragraph/A School Magazine.

A school magazine is a kind of magazine that contains lots of literary writing. Mainly teachers and students are the writers of this magazine. Almost every well-established school publishes it every year. They give a name before publishing it. The publication of a school magazine is a very difficult task. The editor and his assistants have to work hard to publish the magazine.

The magazine committee invites writings to form students and teachers. The editorial board selects the qualified ones for printing. It reveals the hidden talent of students. Besides, it gives a view of the life of the school. It contains poems, articles and short stories. Some students also write short comice. There are messages from the Headmaster and the secretary of the school, annual sports, etc.

Most of the articles written by the students. A few articles are contributed by teachers. The school magazine serves many useful purposes. As a result, a student can express himself by it. On the other hand, many students also inspired to write. It also increases our value of creative writing. In a word, the school magazine mirrors the school.

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