Reading a composition ‘Eve-Teasing’

Eve-searing is a social and ethical crime that has recently attacked us like an octopus. It is taking place in society in various forms. Throwing filthy words towards the girls and female members of the society, trying to touch their body, showing indecent attitude, alluring to have sexual intercourse with them or trying to violet a woman fall under eve-leasing. Unemployed boys or students sit together in particular corners of a market, before the educational institutions or on the way and attack the girls or women with these filthy words or attitude or signs.

This nuisance is increasing gradually. We cannot afford to look at it with compromising mind and attitude A victim of eve-teasing has to undergo tremendous mental torture. Some even commit suicide being unable to digest the bad effect of eve-leasing and os social criticisms. Parents must not allow their sons and daughters to do whatever they like All the educational institutions must make their students alert and infuse them with moral values giving them special orientation. For what ever-practical reasons eve-teasing takes place, this social malady must be stopped once and for all.

The pioneering role must be played by the government, Rigorous and exemplary punishment must be given to the eve-teasers, There lies a close connection between social discontent and unbecoming behavior Steps must be taken to minimize this gap. Eve-teasing is definitely a kind of mental sickness that pollutes not only the eve-teasers but also the growing female members of the society who have the right to live and move freely. If we fail to ensure their free movement, we cannot claim that we live in a civilized society.

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