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Curriculum Vitae

Reading an application with a detailed CV for the post of an office Executive.

16 May 2016

The General Manager

Haque Publications

38 Bangla Bazaar


Subject : Application for the post of an Office Executive.


I am writing to you in response to your advertisement for the recruitment of Office Executive published in ‘The Daily Prothom Alo’. I am writing to offer myself as a candidate for the post. sther particulars is persented herewith for your kind consideration. I would be obliged if you consider me for the post. My CV detailing my education and other particular is presented herewith for your kind consideration. I would be obliged if you consider me for the post..

Curriculum Vitae of

Jeasmin Haider Chowdhury

36 Dhulairpar, Kadamtoly

Objective                       😮 work whole heartedly for a successful administrative career.

Full name                       :Jeasmin Haider Chowdhury

Father’s name               : Jaman Haider Chowdhury

Permanent Address     : Village+ Post: Rajapur, P.S: Dhamri, Dist : Dhaka

Nationality                     :Bangladeshi

Date of birth                  :10-12-1983

Gender                           :Famale

Marital status                :Single

Religion                          :Islam


SSC                           2000 A grade                Rajshahi Board.

HSC                          2002 A grade                Rajshahi Board

BA Hons  (English) 2006  Second class       Rajshahi University

MA (English)           2007   Second class      Rajshahi University

Skills:                            1. Good at spoken & written English

                                       2. Skilled in MS Office Application.

Experience                      :Working in a National Company from 10.03.15 till today.

Extrcrricular Activities  : Playing hermonium, Debate.

Reference                       : MA Hannan

                                           Principal, Savar College

                                         Mobile: +880…………

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