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Sound pollutio


How is our environment polluted?
What is called sound?
What is the noise?
What are the reasons of sound pollution?
What is the effect?
What is the remedy?

Our environment is pollutants by various kinds of pollutants such as air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, odor pollution, etc. sound pollution is one of them. When the vibration of sound is tolerable. Pleasant level, it is called sound. But when is sharp and harsh to the ears, it becomes noise. Thus, the sound is polluted.

We knew that the normal tolerance limit of sound is 45 decibels. When this limit exceeds 45 decibels, it is called noise pollution. There are various kinds of reasons behind sound pollution. Mikes, loudspeakers, horns, and whistles of different vehicles, us of different machines are some of them.

Sometimes, the decibels press the horns unnecessarily even near the schools and hospitals, which causes problems to the students and patients. The effect of sound pollution is dangerous. For example, owing to sound pollution, the normal rate of heartbeat increases, and blood pressure rises. It causes tack of concentration and irritability. So, to control sound pollution we should develop public awareness and enforce the law strictly.

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