Test Examination.

Between two friends on their progress of study for the Test Examination

Ahmad : I wonder, Rashid, that you can read so much.

Rashid   : But you must face the Examination that id coming.

Ahmad : Well, I don’t care for it, I can not sacrifice my games and my pictures for this cursed examination.

Rashid   : The examination may be cursed. But unless you pass it, you lose one precious year of your life.

Ahmad : Yes, the whole is there. If there were no examinations at all!

Rashid   : But all boys would not agree with you. There are some who hail it   rather. It brings them both credit and reward.

Ahmad : Just tell me that I can do at this stage any how to get through the dreadful things.

Rashid   : Well, my advice is waste on more time over games and pictures. Read regularly and I find no reason why you should not pass.

Ahmad : Thank you, Rashid. I’ ll try to follow your advice.

Rashid   : Welcome, Ahmad. Do that

Between Masud (myself) and Rana (my friend) about the preparation for S.S.C exam

Masud: Hello, Rana. How are you?
Rana   : I’m fine, and you?
Masud: I’m also fine, What’s the news about your preparation for the ensuing S.S.C exam?
Rana   : I’m trying my best to do well in the exam. But I fear the exam.
Masud: I’m also very anxious
Rana   : I m weak in English, you know. I’m taking special care in English. I want to know about your preparation.
Masud: I’ve revised all subjects.
Rana   : Very good. I’m trying to complete revision soon.
Masud: fine.
Rana   : I wish you the best of luck.
Masud: Thank you!
Rana   : Thank you too!

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