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Paragraph/Traffic Jam

The time of staying of vehicles on road is called traffic jam. It occurs mainty in the city areas. It has many reasons for happening. Firstly,the number of vehicles is more than areas of the roads. Secondly, for driving unlicensed and unauthorized transports on the roads. Finally, disobey of traffic rules. In our daily life, we can’t move casily for it .

The patient going to hospital suffers on roads. Besides employee and students also late to reach their office and institutions.Shops and market should be removed from the roadsides. So, it is a great threat of urban people To avoiding it,we should not cross the roads in an indiscipline way.

The authority should make a well planed for moving vehicles.Not only it kills our time but also we loss our money .It hinders a development of a country.So,our government should take a major step to avoiding this situation.

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