Town life and village life

Between two friends one supporting a town life and the other a village life.

Akbar    : Enough of it, I’m fed up.

Aslam    : What do you mean?

Akbar    : I mean, I’m sick of the city life, my friend.

Aslam    : Curious indeed! People are mad for the city sickens you. What’s the trouble here?

Akbar    : No end of troubles. This noise, this crowd, and this congestion, this dirt and this smoke and whatnot.

Aslam    : And do you prefer a dull sluggish life among a set of fools? There’s lines theatre, no buses, not even any good road.

Akbar    : But beauty doesn’t help life. In a village, no doctor, no hospital, no school, no college, no university. And you can’t do without a city in this 21st century.

Akbar    : Surely a city necessary but there must be a quiet village too, where the sick mind may sleep occasionally to breathe out a sigh of relief. Don’t forget that Allah has made the village while a man has made the city.

A dialogue between two friends on the comparative merits of country life and city life

Nayon: Good morning, Mr. Faisal. It is a long time since I saw you last. Are you staying long in the town?

Faisal : Good morning. No Mr. Nayon, I only have come upon a business for a few hours and hope to go back home this evening.

Nayon: Well you leave so soon?

Faisal : Yes, I don’t find enjoyment in the polluted air of the town. Give me clean air of the country.

Nayon: Well, I admit you’ve the advantage of pure air in the country.

Faisal : Really, I can’t sleep in a noisy town. I like the beauty of the green fields.

Nayon: Well, every man has taste.

Faisal : Whether it’s dull or not, it doesn’t matter but it’s healthier.

Nayon: Yes, you may live longer. I like to expose here that city life is a short but merry one.

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