Paragraph, early rising

Paragraph/Winter Morning

A morning which is colder than any other morning is called witer morning. The environment is dull and dismal. It is covered with mist and fog. Everything looks hazy. people can’t go out without emergency need. They want to warm themselves by husking in sun or using fire. some wear clothes which able to keep warm. People feel it when the gentle breeze blow. It makes shaking whole of their body.Animals lose thir spirits. They look sullen and distressed.

They want to stay in their living place until sun’s ray fall. One can hardly see and identify things at a distance. people put on different kinds of worm cloths to protect themselves form cold. The old people and children shiver in cold.  They gather straw and makes fires at different places to warm themselves in the heat. Children do not feel like leaving the bed early.

The date juice sellers become busy for collecting from date tree. Specially the villagers enjoy eating native cake which called’ pithas’ in bangla. Those who are poor can’t afford warm cloth. But the rich people enjoy stying under warm blanket. So, to the poor the sun-ray become more precious than gold. This scene starts disappearing as the day advances.

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