Write a dialogue showing that two friends are conversing about a football match.

Bashir    : The defence of the other side was too strong for that.

Anis       : Their goal keeper really showed splendid performance.

Bashir    : Our right back stood like a rock between our goal and the forwards of the other side.

Anis       : Indeed, it was a very exciting game and a clean game too. No foul change or show of bad temper on either side.

Bashir    : The referee was too alert and firm for that. Really, he did his duty admirably well.

Anis       : Now that today the match has ended in a draw, when is the re-play coming.

Bashir    : Well, it’s coming off tomorrow. I hope it will be equally enjoyable. But will end in a win for our school.

Anis       : Let’s hope so.

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