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Curriculum Vitae

Write an application For the post

For the post of a Sub Inspector of Police as stated in “The Daily Prothom Alo” on 02 08. 16. You should include a CV with your application

16 August 2016


Subject: Prayer for the post of a Sub-Inspector


With reference to your advertisement published in “The Daily Prothom Alo” on 0208.16, I am offering myself as a candidate for the above mentioned post. I am enclosing my Curriculum Vitae with this application. Should you kindly consider my application favorably and appoint me to the post. The CV and necessary papers are here enclosed.

Yours obediently,

                                           M. Hassar

Curriculum Vitae

Name         : M. Hassan

Father’s name : M. Raju Hassan

Address       : 15 Panthapath

Date of bir    : 15.4.79

Nationality    : Bangladeshi

Religion       : Islanm

Marital statu  : Single


SSC          1994     Rajshahi Board        1st Division

HSC         1996     Jessore Board           2nd Division

B Com      1998     Dhaka College         2nd Division

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